Made in 72h for Ludum Dare 34!

This is a game about running an orphanage during war time. Have fun!

- Mouse
- Left mouse button

Known issues:
- Balance
- The tutorial is super duper long.
- A bit riddicolus ending screens. Lack of sleep will do that to you ;D

This game became a quite a bit more complicated than we expected, but we still managed to end up with something, so enjoy!


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Needs a download. Seems interesting but it won't run in my browser.


Not just that the narrative itself is depressing, it also hurt a bit to play it, because one had to think efficiently in there - sacrifices had to be make to progress. Congratulations to the 30th place in the Ludum Dare 34 with such an atmospherical 'resource management' game, that's quite a rarity. :) Gladly I recommended your game in a little article and also uploaded a quick gameplay video. <3 Looking forward to future projects of you!

Best wishes,

Even though it was very depressing to play. I really enjoyed playing this game.

I'm playing this game for my channel and it's hitting viewers pretty deep. I'm loving it though, I see you got more interesting games like this on your website. :) Hope you all get the media coverage you deserve for this and keep making more. I tried to give feedback, so here's the link: